Portable Trim Units

The AirTrim AIO (All-In-One) is a mobile unit that gives the versatility to locate the waste trim removal system when and where it is required.  It is suitable for Matrix, PSA materials, or Paper Stock, sending the waste material to a container of choice.

The AIO has also proven to be an excellent press side unit for digital printing trim waste collection.
















This long list of standard features make this a value added unit when mobility and versatilty is required:

♦ Intake for waste capture

♦ Chopper inside cabinet

♦ Blower / Fan inside cabinet

♦ Silencer

♦ Full cabinet

♦ Air / Material Separator

♦ Filter

♦ Bag holder (also dispenses to cart or gaylord)

♦ Mounted on wheels for easy mobility


Models available:

♦ U - Standard ♦ MS - With lubrication ♦ MS Coated - With internal coating




WasteTech 140


Max trim width

2 x's 1.5”


Max air flow

942 CFM


Max speed

984 FPM


Max duct size



Max suction distance



Max units linked



Size (L x W x H)

66" x 30" x 82"H



500 lbs




All in One Pulling Edge Trim


All in One Pulling Matrix