Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Pneumatic conveying systems are divided into two categories: one conveys the material “in form”,the other conveys it in “pieces”. The material type, size, and conveying speed dictate the system equipment requirements. Either system can be designed for one or more conveying lines. From a conveying package for one machine or pick up point to central conveying systems, each is engineered to your specific requirements and application. Central Systems can include both blower and material handling fan systems. They are designed for future expansion so that additional conveying lines can tie into or be added to the central system.

System Rentals

We offer rentals for our matrix and trim systems, All-in-One, and choppers.

Continuous Stream - Inducer / Venturi

The patented* Adjustable Inducer revolutionizes the approach to trim removal systems conveying a continuous stream of material. Adjusted once to maximize the performance of the blower, the Adjustable Inducer reduces energy costs by allowing one blower to operate more than one trim conveying line.

Granulated - Chopped

The GR 80, 140, & 250 are versatile choppers / cutters that are designed to process a wide variety of trim waste applications. Notable is the suitability for Matrix, PSA materials, or Paper Sock, plus films and the many other materials listed below. Low maintenance, durability, and a unique lubricant dispense method are what separates the Lundberg products from the others.

Matrix Twister

The Matrix Removal System, featuring the Matrix Twister™ is a comprehensive system designed specifically to pneumatically convey PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) waste matrix and edge trim from a label press or die cutter to a compactor, baler, or dumpster. 

Portable Trim Units

AirTrim AIO (All-In-One)  is a mobile unit that gives the versatility to locate the waste trim removal system when and where it is required. It is suitable for Matrix, PSA materials, or Paper Stock, sending the waste material to a container of choice.

Dust Filtration Systems

Some conveying materials, like paper and tissue, produce an excessive amount of dust. The dust, if not filtered, returns to the atmosphere with the conveying air. This can cause environmental and health issues. One solution is to route the conveying air through a dust collector where the filtered dust drops into a collection hopper for disposal and the conveying air is returned to the atmosphere.