Move It Trim Systems (MITS)

Portable line of Trim Units

AirTrim has been designing a wide variety of portable trim removal systems over the years. To help our customers better understand our full product offering, we have combined these under a new family series “MITS” reflecting the portability of these systems; we call them “Move It Trim Systems”.

Converters and printers are searching for new methods to improve waste removal operations that will:

  1. Improve productivity to reduce per piece costs
  2. Permit better competitive pricing
  3. Generate higher cash flow.


Pneumatic trim removal system investment paybacks can be significant, often under 12 months.

However some companies that need the advantages of pneumatic waste removal delay investment in major plant-wide systems. An increasing number of manufacturers seek focused trim removal systems that benefit not the entire plant but selected specific production applications to lower the total level of investment. System movability is increasingly important in ranking the best investment.