Patented 'Adjustable' Inducer / Venturi Systems

AirTrim's Patented Adjustable Inducer / Venturi

Inducer / Venturi Systems use fans or blowers to induce air flow at the pick-up area by sending air through the Venturi at high velocity. The system then pneumatically conveys the trim or a matrix in a continuous stream to a discharge point.Then some type of air / material separation is implemented to separate the matrix or trim from the air stream - a mesh bag, a perforated elbow, or a slant screen separator are common means. See the Patened Matrix Twister infomation below that is used in conjuction the AirTrim Adjustable Inducers for a virtually maintenance free trim removal system.

Standard Sizes*


MAX Trim Width


1” per side


1.5” per side


2” per side


2.5” per side

* NOTE: Sizes are available for most any application, small to large - up to 32" ø


AirTrim's Patented Adjustable Venturi / Inducer

Adjustable Venturi / Inducer


Where a continuous stream of waste material is beneficial, the AirTrim Patented* Energy Savings Venturi can reduce energy costs up to 30%. The adjustable feature allows fine tuning the air flow for the most efficient pneumatic handling of continuous waste. This product is available in mild or stainless steel.

Available for new systems or retrofits, with intake diameters from 3” for narrow trims up to 32” for larger objects as such as in Recycling Facilities or Mill applications.


AirTrim's Patented Matrix Twister

Matrix Twister

The Matrix Twister™ Removal System is designed to pneumatically convey PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) waste matrix and edge trim from a label press or die cutter to a compactor, baler, or dumpster. The patented design 'twists' the matrix into a roped form for ease of conveying, reducing the amount of exposed adhesive by collapsing it onto itself. The more aggressive the adhesive, the better it sticks to itself and the easier it is to convey. A fine, food-grade silicone mist, introduced into the inlet of the system, ensures system performance.