Cutter / Chopper Systems

AT Cutter / Chopper Systems In-line

Cutter / Chopper Systems cut a matrix or trim into small pieces that can easily be conveyed in a relatively small diameter duct pipe. Multiple machines running at different speeds can be combined into one cutter system. The cut material then goes through a material handling fan and then into some type of air / material separator, usually a cyclone or a slant screen separator.



Lubrication dispense for cutting / chopping PSA materials is in the cutter shaft for vastly improved efficiency.


AT Series Cutters / Choppers Features

  • High cutting efficiency - able to cut very thin materials
  • No blockage when processing adhesive materials
  • Regulated waste size with optional Hole Shield
  • Typical sound readings of 75 - 80 dB
  • Low cleaning and maintenance plus easy connections


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In-line System Cutters / Choppers



  • Inlet ø 4" & 5"
  • Minimum Thickness: 15 microns


  • Inlet ø 5" & 6"
  • Minimum thickness: 8 microns


  • Inlet ø 6" thru 10"
  • Minimum thickness: 15 microns


  • Inlet ø 8" thru 10"
  • Minimum thickness: 20 microns


Mister System

  • For the easy processing and flow of PSA materials